What's New?

1. Rich Text Format Bold Icon Italics Icon Underline Icon Font Color Icon Background Color Icon
You can now make your text Bold Italic or underlined. You can even change the colour of the text and the background. Choosing the size of the text or a different font is just as easy.
2. Cut, Copy & Paste Cut Icon Copy Icon Paste Icon
Want to copy the text from Quillpad to another application or your orkut page or scrap? Just select the text and click on the copy icon.
3. Undo & Redo Undo Icon Redo Icon
It's always a good thing to be able to undo something you might have typed or done by mistake. Quillpad now lets you undo any action whether it be typing or changing of the text style.
4. Saving Files Save Document Icon
Wouldn't it be great to have your typed content saved to your computer itself?! With the new 'Save' feature you can do just that Save your content as html with all the formatting in tact or if you are not interested in fancy formatting you can even save as plain text.
5. Interactive Demo Interactive Demo Icon
Check out the interactive demo to have a walk-through about the smart transliteration options in Quillpad.
click here for interactive demo
All these in addition to the already existing 'Print' and 'Send Email' options. Print Document Icon Send as Email Icon